Here's how Photato connects your social life to your sofa life...

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Your albums, your friends' albums, tagged photos of you and tagged photos of your friends - they're all there to be enjoyed

If you've been on Facebook for any length of time then you will probably have uploaded a few photos of your own, so will your friends, a few of them may have even tagged you in a couple and their friends may well have tagged them. It doesn't take long before there are thousands of photos you have access to and with only the browser interface to view them you're not going to see them all.

Photato provides a much more intuitive and better looking interface to browse all those photos and since it's designed to run in Media Center the best way to navigate is with a remote control - what could be easier?

Screenshot of tagged friends interface

How big is your TV?

Probably the best way to view your Facebook photos is as big as possible. If you've splashed out on a large plasma or LCD screen or even a data projector then Photato is the ideal way to fill it with your Facebook photos.

Just connect your PC to your TV or use a Media Center extender such as a Xbox 360 on your home network to easily view your Facebook photos on the big screen.

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It's Party Time!

Want a great way to record your party and show it off to your party guests whilst you're partying?

Use Facebook's Photo Mobile Upload feature to upload photos from your phone to your Mobile Uploads album and watch your Photato slide show evolve in front of your eyes.


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